Are webinars scams?

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What a good question to ask. The number of Facebook sponsored posts inviting people for webinar training classes has increased somewhat and that has led to a number of questions with the most trending one being, “are webinars scams?”  A lot of internet marketers who use this strategy will probably hate me for posting this. It might also annoy the most genuine ones but asking questions in this business is a weapon that can never be taken away from you and I. If you are one of those people who like to research then I really commend you.  You don’t want to waste your valuable time attending a Webinar thinking you are there to get valuable information when it’s only a sales pitch to some expensive course. Let me give you a scenario. I almost went fully blown homeless some 3 years ago before I decided to swallow my pride, approached my dad for help and he let me sleep on the couch in his garage. I mean there wasn’t even enough room for me in his house. I was literally going through the worst period of my life.

Sounds familiar? I know it does except that my dad passed when I was only 3 so that statement above is entirely false. And the picture above? That’s actually some random guy sleeping on a bench of some place I have never been to. I downloaded that picture on pixabay and don’t even know if he’s homeless or not. It has become such a constant sales pitch on most of these webinars. People who use such tactics are an insult to those who have actually gone through the struggle and really came from nothing. It just makes me mad when people use such deceptive methods to play around with people’s emotions just to make a quick buck. Someone told me I will never be a sales man if I don’t embrace such methods.

The psychology of persuasion he called it but having been brought up in a  christian background, it doesn’t cut it for me. It’s a matter of right and wrong.  Admittedly, I have been a victim of that tactic before. In my mind I was thinking here’s a guy who is almost been in a similar situation like mine and now making thousands online. It’s the art/psychology of persuasion. I obviously get attracted to whatever he is offering because I can relate. Webinars are fast becoming more and more popular with internet marketers. Some are perfectly legit but it appears the bad is outweighing the good. I do occasionally feel like a cynic but again I like to analyse things, that’s coming from being a former insurance claims analyst.



What is a Webinar

My job description involved a lot of analysing and investigations that’s why I decided to do what I do right now. Expose some of these products and webinars for what they really are.

Deceptive and targeting those who are genuinely seeking better ways of making a living online. It’s also usually targeted for newbies i.e people who don’t really know whats going on with  internet marketing right now. It’s a very sad state of affairs because many are clearly  falling for it. How can they not when the guy is filming his video presentation from a  mansion with 5 luxury cars behind him? It’s the psychology of using one’s appetite for material things to woo them in then bang! They instantly pay 2000 hard-earned dollars to buy a course they probably don’t even need. Tell you what, you probably deserve it.

I deserved it considering my previous experience. I have been desperate so many times and forgot that running after money never works. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely some courses that you need to invest in to progress in this internet industry but be wary of webinars that try to make you instantly sign up at the end of their presentation before you even do some little bit of research. They also have this countdown timer on the offer page and you are told if you don’t instantly  sign up,  you will probably pay double the price if you change your mind later. Another deceiving tactic. Usually the price stays the same on the follow up email. What puzzles me is that even legit webinars use this tactic except for a few like maybe Neil Patel.

The tactics are now very similar. Spend about 30 minutes showing attendees your humble beginnings, how much time it has taken you to find the secret formulae and the money you have made since. Then comes the testimonials and income slides that are not even proven to be legit. The next 30 minutes is to show attendees how they can also get there in a short space of time through a 2000 dollar course. This coming from a guy who is already making 356k a month! Multiple streams of income you are told. If it was a college you would gladly pay thousands for a degree you are not even guaranteed to get a job from. Really?  At least its a reputable college or uni.  How much money does one need really? Think about it. Why not build yourself a honest list by giving people what they are looking for on that webinar then you can sell your course or whatever product you selling later on? Oh! I am sure the marketing gurus would say you leaving money on the table. These are mostly scams you should research before making a commitment.

It’s really getting dirty. I have my suspicions that some of those in attendance are part of the whole marketing scheme. One of my pet peeves is when they make it appear as if it’s live when it’s actually re-airing. I will tell you how you can clearly tell, the comments section. You hear the host reading questions from the chat feed and when you cross check there’s no such comments. Wow. You find it hard to tell the good from the bad. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and take a chance but how many are you going to take?

I would tell you one simple way of learning some of the strategies they sell you on webinars.Take that money you were just about to spend and do what they are doing. I mean getting on Facebook and posting your own ads. Follow their blueprint from what you seen on Facebook, making some few changes like leaving out the sleazy tactics. Try as much as you can to be honest. Put your face in that iPhone or android video and show people what you do. Your business that is. You need to convince them your service is their best option in your area. Customise your email sign up form and insert on the video. This will have to auto-direct people straight to your website. If you don’t have the time, or don’t have the confidence then hire a social media consultant. A legit consultant will walk you through the whole process by placing a personal call to find out the logistics of your business and target audience. Some get you to fill out a questionnaire to get an idea of where you currently at. My point is, if you are too busy running your business then it is possible you won’t have time  going through courses. That money would have gone to waste.

On my last note, a typical marketer would be plugging in his/her product in this last section but I am not typical. However you can feel free to like and share, save an unsuspecting mind  then subscribe to my blog so I  can send you valuable info later on.

Here’s hoping you find all the success you need as you venture into the unknown. Bless!

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