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Domain Name Appraisal: What is it?

Domain name appraisal


There is basically nothing out there in the real world that is equivalent. Everything has its own differences, therefore absolutely nothing is equivalent. This is also real with domain names. There’s been so many questions lately from people wondering how domain names are valued. Not all domains are developed equivalent as it is typically kept in mind. Among the main factors that show this fact about the domain names is the reality that some of the choices for words in the English language have actually currently been separated as domains. They are short, one word , straight to the point type of names hence a few of that particular subset is worth greater to purchasers than the others.

Domain Appraisal Technology

With such reality about the value of the domain, one of the significant processes that exist on the planet comes to tackle this matter and that is the domain name appraisal technology. The domain name appraisal emerged out of the scenario of buying and selling domains. So just what is the domain appraisal technology?

The domain appraisal technology is the way of weighing up a domain name and recognizing the it’s worth. This is rather like a property appraisal and other types of appraisals. This tech uses computer algorithms. For instance, With domains; a combination of instructions is given a high mathematical value for

  • One word dictionary domain names
  • 3 Letter domain names (
  • 3 Number domain names (
  • 4 Number domain names (
  • 2 or 3 word descriptive domain names

Short, sweet, pronounceable, a certain combination of numbers ( For the Chinese market) etc. Nevertheless, unlike the currencies in which a set worth can be acknowledged; in the domain name, it’s worth has no chance to be standardized. So with such truth, it is very important to know that the domain appraisal just stays as an opinion. Many domain name experts have actually noted that due to such condition of the domain appraisal, there is no other way that the domain’s worth can be conclusively shown.

Despite the fact that the domain appraisal stays as a simple viewpoint, the domain appraisal technology can still be extremely practical. They not only offer the domain name owners with a viewpoint however the domain name appraisal also gives particular signals to the owners of exactly what they should charge when they decide to sell a domain. As such, the domain name appraisal is then believed to include a minimum of a tidbit validation to the domain price.

To reiterate, In a domain name appraisal, a variety of aspects are mostly thought about. These aspects consist of the domain name’s length, keyword recognition, vividness and variety of possible uses. It is also thought about that most of the domain name appraisal services today charge a particular domain name fee between 10 to 30 dollars, however with official discount rates for bulk domain name appraisals. And to better serve the domain customers and holders, particular companies that perform such service provide some software application that will significantly appraise the domain for the customers.

The Best Domain Appraisal Tool is as close as you would come to accurately appraise a domain. I would give it a 60% accuracy rate, which is at least over the 50% mark. There is still some ways to go to perfect this tech as there is no way of accurately estimating type-in traffic i.e the number of people who directly type the name on their URL  but this tool has all the hallmarks of being an industry leader. The Google keywords tool is still there to give you an estimate of the number of people who type the name on their search engine. This will give you an idea of how popular your domain name is to the general republic. The queries on search will help determine what kind of property you can build around your domain.

Again do keep in mind, until such a time that this technology moves forward, the domain name appraisals are only opinions of figuring out the worth of a domain name. And if the domain is assessed at a high value, it does not imply that such domain will sell for that much, it simply holds that you chose a much better domain name. It all starts in the name.

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