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Buying Cheap:

A warm welcome to the readers of my blog and thank you for your visit. This is one of the first of many posts to come meant to journal the lessons learnt on creating this baby. I will be going over the ups and downs of its creation but ultimately guide you through creating and buying products for a low price. Yes, that means buying cheap and then possible selling high if you are into that kind of business. Contrary to popular belief that going through this process is easy, let me be the first to admit that it was the hardest thing for me. A process which took almost 2 1/2 years. I tend to pay attention to some details but it can quickly go south if confusion sets in, this is especially true when you are looking for a starting point. I noticed it is very similar to starting a weight loss or new fitness program. What motivates you is the difference between setting your mind to it, beginning the process or getting stuck and remain rooted on the same spot. Setting foot into a new world, a fitness center or just walking a km for instance when you are used to driving is hard. In matters of love, they say the first cut is the deepest, I would say in creating a website, the first step is the hardest however you can cut short the amount of time it can potentially take you by learning from my experiences.

Find your Motivational Triggers

Using a fitness program metaphor/analogy ( I have never really been able to tell the difference) , think about what kind of motivation you need to get going, ie leaving your ride behind to take a walk or jog. Maybe you want to live a healthy lifestyle but in my mind I quickly realized that wasn’t enough motivation to even start. However for some people it tends to be. They are forced to get into some kind of a weight loss program after a health scare.  One would get a warning from a family doctor that they risk premature death from heart attack, diabetes or some other medical complication if they don’t cut down on the weight. Fear of death becomes their motivation. In my case, I wanted to buck the trend of this “family genetics“ excuse. I shamelessly made having a beach body attractive to the ladies my motivation. It became my fuel so much that I would jog or walk 10 km a day in the extremely cold winters of North Western Canada just so I could get to the summer in good shape. That ultimately saved me a lot of trips to the doctor of course. Compare it to creating a new website. I asked myself WHY I wanted to run my own space? Was independence my fuel, a good motivation? Or was it all about the money? Did I have enough inspiration to make a difference in someone’s life? Unfortunately I chose to pursue money which eventually became my Achilles heel. I lost so much time trying to figure out ways of making money before I even started building my site. It is what some have termed “analysis paralysis”. I spent too much time researching, over thinking and  indecision got the better of me.  Clearly I was side tracked, had lost focus and didn’t get motivated enough. There where no immediate returns. I gave up.

That is the problem when you make money top  priority before you even start a project. You suffer from “analysis paralysis”,procrastinate and eventually fail when you can’t see how you would make the dollars from your idea. I had to reset. I had to think of it in a different way. Why not take the first step? I used the fitness program analogy. I programmed my mind with this mentality that taking the first step is the most important thing before seeing any results. Understanding myself and this body better was going to be of great importance in this venture. Accepting the reality that I wasn’t going to start running today and wake up toned the next day was my biggest victory. When I had my first jog, it was the greatest day of my life. It felt good. That is the feeling I got when I bought my first domain and host. The same feeling I had When I eventually joined the local gym. I found avenues of buying cheap services and products with a lot of value.

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But I went through another turbulence. It took me a while again to realize I needed to either get myself a trainer to show me how to properly use the machines for better results or make use of google and write down some fitness program notes. This relates to the same period I was looking for the best platform of creating my space. I had to learn. Someone had to teach me. I had to learn how to draw up a business plan. The right time to get a mentor . That is when I truly discovered the formula, a purpose of life so to speak. We have to benefit from each other’s knowledge. It is similar to getting  a trainer or mentor at the gym to show you the ropes of a good work out. It was tough but I found a good mentor who taught me the best platforms of creating an attractive website and gave me ideas of the kind of value I could contribute to my readers. That became my primary focus that led to the birth of this and one other website, on possible the best platform on the Web, Word press.

The aim is to provide you, our readers, with all the value from what we have learnt and keep on learning.  I want to share with you some great knowledge, the deals we find across the web and some buying tips hoping that you can also pass it forward. That way, we live a better life and fulfill the true purpose of living. Join us in this journey of understanding the art of buying cheap.




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My name is Lifa Nati the founder and Editor-in-Chief of A website founded on the concept of buying well researched domains for a low price then selling for a profit, pretty much like real estate trading. I also review web products, subscription services and focus on price vs value. I am a former analyst with TD auto insurance division and complex property claims with the Co-operators insurance in BC, Canada. I am now a domain investor and part time consultant for an independent risk management adjusting firm. I have got to this stage of my life after going through a financial breakdown, losing my job and persistent bad spending habits. I went through a complete transformation after discovering the business of buying domains for a low price then selling for a profit. This led to the birth of the cheapsense website. I dive into saving tips and domain investing guides. Will be implementing free software for our users to take advantage of. They say things happen for a reason, my "why" is to serve.