Cheap spending vs Frugal Spending

Belize Vacation: What you need to know

A Belize Holiday Plan Has Something For Every person   Where is Belize? Belize is a small English speaking Nation on the east of central america with around 370,000 people. It is known for its beaches,its jungle rich with Mayan ruins, scuba-diving and sport fishing  A Getaway to this beautiful country has everything you can wish for if you are an outside lover and you like a little experience on your travels. Belize provides almost limitless opportunities to do a wide range of things. You might well select a Belize Angling Holiday, this Nation is a capital for fisherman. You aren’t just limited to online game […]

8 Best Cheap Jamaican hotels & Resorts

Inexpensive Comprehensive Jamaican Vacations One love Jamaican kindness is renowned throughout the world. This island is well known for its rich culture, wealth of reggae love songs, coffee, rum, sumptuous food as well as lots of attractive coastlines. Negril, Ocho Rios and also Montego Bay are the significant coastlines of Jamaica. All the coastlines have eye-catching environments and they are famous for plain blue-green Caribbean waters. Hundreds of travelers  visit the coastlines of Jamaica around the year. If you want to travel to Jamaica at reasonable prices,  ask the travel agent concerning economical comprehensive Jamaica holiday bundles. There are numerous hotels and […]

Cheap Caribbean Vacations: How To Find Them

Cheap Caribbean Vacations: Ways to Find Them Are you thinking about vacationing in the Caribbean? If you are, there is a great chance that you could be on a budget, especially if you are aiming to travel with your entire family members. Household getaways can be good, yet they can likewise be quite costly. That is why several people, much like you, wonder if they can locate low-cost getaways; economical trips to prominent holiday locations like the Caribbean. Worry not. If you are interested in locating economical Caribbean getaways, you need to recognize that it is more than possible to do so. […]

Why huge capital or spending doesn’t necessarily mean success.

Timing Now before you are quick to jump to some conclusions (I know what you might be thinking right now after reading the headline) let me make my arguments from personal observation & experience then you can convey your thoughts. Have you been watching the American primary elections lately? Do you know how much Jeb Bush had in Financial back up for his failed campaign? $130 Million.  That is a lot of money folks. You might argue and say he had so many other factors affecting his campaign for instance the Bush last name to begin with and then the Donald factor but those very specific set points,which were […]

Does a low Price mean good or bad Quality ?

While some would pounce on rock-bottom prices without hesitation, others are tentative concerning bargains and eye-popping 50 percent off deals. After all, doesn’t a cheap price equate to cheap quality? I mean, why is this product so cheap that no one else wants to buy it? It is really dependent on so many factors. Price and value are two different things. There is a whole lot of psychology that involves pricing products and you also need to understand some bit of economics to tell the difference. Some people insist that if something has a price of zero, it means that people don’t think it has any value. […]

Make a decision and act on it

You are not alone. What ever you might be going through right now or have gone through in the past, there’s someone out there who’s been on a similar path or has been through  worse. When we go on to tell the story of hardship and how we managed to overcome, we pour it out thereby helping someone out there find strength and a little motivation. This really goes a long way for some people. I love the song, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by the Beatles  There’s no better way to tell a story than from experience. I learnt this from a man who […]