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Web Host: How To Choose A Reliable Web Host (A Tip For Newbies)

Reliable web host   This is so vital for anyone attempting to earn money with a business website. Choosing a host for your website is not easy when you are new into this Internet world and don’t really know bandwidth from Band-Aid. What selection criteria do you use? It is important to know what your needs are, how many websites you want to host, how big your traffic is and so on but since this post is mostly for a total newbie, a good shared hosting account is your best option. Shared hosting is cheap, easy to maintain, and sufficient for most new sites. Keep in […]

Hosting: Best Month to Month web host

Hosting: This is probably the most weird Shia LaBeouf motivational videos of all time. Just watch, he makes some pretty strange body movements that will convince you he’s gone bonkers but somehow you want to keep watching up to a point where you realize , it’s just an act! There is a strange story behind the origin of the “Just do it” slogan that Nike made popular. Wait for it, those are said to be the last words of a murderer. True story. Nike just made a small adjustment and got themselves a hugely successful promotional campaign.  Shia Lebeouf then takes it to a whole new level. His video gives you […]

Domains: Why I got into the business of buying and selling

The art in a name: Domains I have always been so fascinated with names so much that I decided to change my own. I wanted that self-identity.  Self brand so to speak. My mother named me Kwanele ( aka Kwan) , a Southern African vernacular meaning it’s enough. She didn’t want to have any more kids and I became the last of 8. That meant something to her. She even managed to achieve her goal but I couldn’t quite relate. It’s more of a broad term that can have a lot of other meanings. Most African names have meanings. I could have redefined it in my […]