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The Laptop lifestyle: is wealthy affiliate just another scam?

What is Wealthy Affiliate and is it a scam? You have obviously clicked on this because you are one of those who wants to know more about wealthy affiliate before you commit yourself to another internet business training course. I have personally put this on a test and have so much to share. I will try as much as I can to give you a brief run down that will leave you with some understanding of this course. It might also be that the dream of this laptop lifestyle has proven to be just that, a dream. But rest assured it really isn’t.   […]

8 things a website newbie should know to save money.

  Don’t subscribe to get rich quick schemes. These are so tempting and because of the way our minds are conditioned, it’s pretty easy to fall for them. We all love success, especially when it comes quick. There are thousands of websites out there trying to get you to part with your money, and inferring that you will immediately start reaping the rewards. Don’t be fooled by compelling one page sales letters, often with copies of bank statements, and invariably concluding with free gifts worth hundreds of dollars. Often the letters are sprinkled with testimonials and attempt to close the sale by offering […]