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Look there are a lot of marketers on the internet. It’s hard to tell the difference between the most genuine and those wolves dressed in Sheep’s clothing. Everyone wants to help, apparently. I mean here I am saying the same thing, but I always question my motives. I believe in clarity. What I have observed in this virtual world can discourage some who end up feeling as though humanity is degrading. It is really up to you to analyze, make a decision and believe what you feel connects with your current issues.

The truth is. If you are looking for a certain service or product cheap sense will make a recommendation based on tests and experience. We might recommend free stuff but you know there is always a catch. They might require that you sign up i.e providing contact info such as an email address. They might also not give you full access to their services and an upgrade will be required. It is an art of marketing and generating leads used by 90% of the companies you encounter but we will make it all known to you if that’s the case. If we recommend a product or service with a price, it also means we have tried and tested it. We always  look for best value of the listed price which is what we based our site on. It does make sense to sign up as an affiliate of a product that we believe in. That basically means, if you go ahead and buy, we would make a small percentage commission. I make a thorough research and in my mind at least I have helped you choose the best product with the best pricing without doing a lot of that work yourself.

So clearly we don’t charge you for our services but only make commissions if and when you decide to buy. Fair enough?

Be easy

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