Disneyland Purchases – Package Express

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Disneyland Purchases– Bundle Express

< br/ > < br/ > One of the great guest service features at Disneyland
< br/ > is the Package Express service. This will enable you
< br/ > to make purchases, and not have to carry them
< br/ > around with you all day! Can you imagine aiming to
< br/ > hold all your packages, your kids, and ride the
< br/ >
rides?< br/ >< br/ > Instead, have your purchases sent to the Newsstand,
< br/ > which lies near the exit. This Plan Express
< br/ > purchase enables you to pick your bundles up as
< br/ > you are leaving the park.
If you stay till closing, note
< br/ > that the pickup line will be long. You need to plan
< br/ > to leave a minimum of an hour earlier than you had originally
< br/ > prepared if you have bundles to get.

< br/ >< br/ > You can also have your purchases sent straight to
< br/ > your hotel if you are staying at one of the Resort
< br/ > Hotels. This offers a lot more benefit, since
< br/ > you will not need to leave the park earlier, or stand in
< br/ > the plan pickup line. Another alternative is to rent a
< br/ > locker, and put all of your purchases in it till you
< br/ > prepare to leave. Nevertheless, this indicates that you will
< br/ > have to walk back to the locker after each of your
< br/ > Disneyland purchases.

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