Domain Parking| Does It Work?| My Tests And Results

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Is Domain parking dead?


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Earning money through Domain parking is one of those ideas that when you first hear about,you think;”That’s too good to be true!
“.What is it? Let’s say you have a Domain name,but you don’t have the time,money,or the technical skill,to develop your own website.You “rent” it out to a company who provides the website, the hosting ,and the advertising.What do you get out of it?.You get a share of the ad revenue your domain(s) generates.It is the internet equivalent of a land lease where the property owner retains the title to the land but turns over the use of it in return for rent. Similarly the land owner is responsible for the taxes,which in this case would be the annual renewal of the domain registration.

Of course the first, second, and third question is; “how much money can I make doing this?”.Well, I had the same question, as I had amassed a collection of domain names of varying quality that were just sitting around.Wouldn’t it be great to just get checks in the mail? Not so fast.Like most people I tried to do some research and testing to see how much money I would make, what the best company to go with would be. So I will be the crash test dummy for you,the reader!.

The first place that many people hear about is Go daddy. Since they are the biggest domain registrar,and yes,they do have a domain parking service,which is heavily marketed on their website,like most of their products. In case you didn’t know, most domain parking services are free to the domain owner;after all ,the parking company is taking the lions share of the revenue from your domain(s).I doubt that 2% of their customers ever see any revenue after subtracting the parking fee.I decided quickly that product was a no-Go(daddy)bad pun intended! But that still left plenty of other choices!

Sedo is one of the biggest marketplaces in the industry where you can park your domains for free. It’s a huge platform and as always the quality of your domain will determine the traffic it gets i.e. the number of people who directly type the domain into their browser otherwise also known as “type in Traffic. Read this article about registering expired domains and how you can monetize them.

My next post will go into more detail of the other parking platforms you can use.

This will have to be the end of the first chapter,but I intend to report on all the various services that I am testing.To learn more about my “adventures in parking” subscribe!.

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