Domain Name Redirect Services

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Domain Name Redirect Solutions

It has now become obvious to seasoned domain name investors, that a short, pronounceable, descriptive, easy to remember domain is what is needed to assist visitors to a site. It likewise assists if the domain name includes keywords that are likely to rank high in search engines. So, exactly what does a webmaster do if they are promoting an affiliate program or a website created from a totally free web hosting service such as Geocities? The most affordable response lies in making the most of a domain redirect service.

What is a domain redirect service?

It is one where a long, troublesome URL is ‘masked’ by a more unforgettable domain. Instead of having to key in the longer URL, the site visitor would type in the brand-new domain. This domain name would then reroute to the original URL. The visitor would then see the original URL in their browser. However, most won’t pay that much attention.

Domain name reroute services can be totally free or paid. An example of a free service is Tiny URL. In order to use this service, all an individual has to do is enter in whatever URL they need to have reduced. Tiny URL would then return a domain name that is far more convenient for website visitors. This URL would have ‘small url’ as part of the domain followed by a number. An example is the following: 3. Given, it’s not ideal, but it is a lot much better than what one would typically get with an affiliate program or a complimentary web hosting service.

If a person wants a more personalized domain, they will have to utilize spend for a redirect service. One of the best is Namestick. The process for utilizing Namestick is similar to Tiny URL except web designers must initially select the domain name they want to utilize for their redirect. They can pick any domain name they want, much like if they were getting it through their webhosting or a domain company. Namestick even provides suggestions if a person’s preferred domain name is taken. When that is done, an individual will have to enter in their URL they want rerouted. After about 72 hours, the new domain name will be all set for use.

Can a person get away with not using a domain name reroute service? It depends upon how they do their marketing. For example, if an individual does a lot of offline marketing, a short, significant domain name is essential. However, if an individual utilizes a lot of hyperlinks, a domain name reroute service may not be as essential. What are hyperlinks? They are just words or phrases that are connected to a specific URL. When the visitor clicks them, they are taken to the website that is hyperlinked within. Hyperlinks can easily be produced in HTML editors or by utilize of the anchor tag.

In conclusion, a person’s life can be made easier if they decide to conceal their long URL with a more normal-looking domain name available through a domain name reroute service. This is if they aren’t marketing through hyperlinks, which do not require a main domain name.

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