The 32 Year Old Domain Virgin!

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A very successful entrepreneur recently gave me an article from Business 2.0 talking about Domaining. As many of you might already know, I invest in domain names and other things that give me passive income. When I wrapped my mind around the concept of domaining and domain monetization, I have to admit I got pretty excited. Playing around with words has always been a fascination of mine. Language evolves especially English. I think about how and why we name things on a daily basis. It always draws my mind to wild imaginations.domaining

What is domaining?

I always thought domaining was simply speculating on domain names. I never really understood Google Adsense or those parking sites with all the links. The concept of developing a niche grouping of domains and optimizing traffic to drive clicks to affiliates or google ads seemed like a long shot for me. I have seen many questioning the ethics and morals of this business practice, is it really cyber-squatting? How is this trade any different from Real estate? So many questions that need answers, however domaining in simple terms, is buying, monetizing and selling domain names for a profit. It is important to understand what makes a domain valuable.

So back in 2013, I decided to educate myself on the business and google searched domaining. I figured the skills I have learned in web development & marketing would help me in my other endeavors. I decided to stake my claim in areas that I understood. I make it a point to follow leading industry platforms such as Domaining(.)com.  Here, you will see the sales trend of premium names that are specific to a particular niche. You have to always keep an eye out on the most popular trends. By doing so, you can make inexpensive purchases and then resell them for a profit. Don’t be in a rush to sell, patience is virtue. My focus has been on Music tech, Virtual reality, 3Dprinting, keyword niche related names, oil/gas well investing, green energy, health and clean-tech.

Laying claim to domain names can be quite addictive. Through countless hours of researching, which involved a lot of reading, I reached a breakthrough. My main tool to expand my web presence was to write about things I understood and enjoyed. Content is King! So they say. It made a lot of sense though. When I am looking for some valuable info on the web, I am looking for an informative post. (wait “Content is King”  sounds catchy, let’s see if that name is available for reg)……in my dreams!

I have published about 5 articles in the past two weeks mainly in the domain investing arena & the personal email messages I received have been humbling. People want to be educated not sold. Some people realize what I am working with, As I learn I pass it on, there will be tips on the hot names right now, new tech, start-ups with huge potential, acquiring unique well thought of domain names, those who seem to understand the art in the name will profit. Naming things, so I have learned, is an underground art-foam that is so fascinating because not everyone can pull it off. The whole introductory process of working with a new individual or investor is much less nerve-racking since they have a feel of my philosophy based on my writing.

A 32-year-old internet Virgin no more, thanks to the concept of “Content is King”. They say write about what you are passionate about, yes I know it’s easy to be skeptic and you might not envision how your passion can make you a living, but it always is a guarantee of success being just a few clicks away!


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About Lifanati

My name is Lifa Nati the founder and Editor-in-Chief of A website founded on the concept of buying well researched domains for a low price then selling for a profit, pretty much like real estate trading. I also review web products, subscription services and focus on price vs value. I am a former analyst with TD auto insurance division and complex property claims with the Co-operators insurance in BC, Canada. I am now a domain investor and part time consultant for an independent risk management adjusting firm. I have got to this stage of my life after going through a financial breakdown, losing my job and persistent bad spending habits. I went through a complete transformation after discovering the business of buying domains for a low price then selling for a profit. This led to the birth of the cheapsense website. I dive into saving tips and domain investing guides. Will be implementing free software for our users to take advantage of. They say things happen for a reason, my "why" is to serve.