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Have you ever been out casually shopping and you fall in love with a gorgeous winter coat or some great shoes but it’s about £200 out of your range? Well, I’ve been there before, too many times I must say. The problem with me though, unlike most, that would bug me till I’m nearly going insane! If I really like something, I don’t easily give up on it. Most times I’ve resorted to monitoring the things I like in shops until they are reduced in price towards the end of the season, but that doesn’t always work out because they either sell out before the price ever gets reduced, or the change of season can mean that I won’t enjoy wearing them as much, as they would have become irrelevant.

I have seen less of those troublesome days however since I discovered outlet malls. Outlet malls save the day for me because that’s when I am able to take advantage of so many deals and bargains and still look stylish and current. I love being able to walk around a mall and buy a lot of good quality, fashionable clothes at an affordable price. I would highly recommend that a lot of people make use of this kind of shopping.

Whenever I feel like shopping in outlet malls is not good enough, I always aim for the mega sales such as Black Friday, Boxing Day sales and New Year’s Day sales. It’s absolutely crazy in shops on these days, and there is a lot of running, pushing and kicking when customers try to grab their best items before anyone else does but I suppose I can’t blame anyone for taking advantage of over 75% discounts. I can’t imagine IGNORING the opportunity to pay £50 for the beautiful bag that would have cost £200 the day before. I really love to take full advantage of the big sales and whenever I get back home I feel like I have accomplished so much from making the most of these big bargains.

Smart window shopping

So speaking of bargains, in my never-ending quest for of attaining value for my money, look what I found!


Aldo clutch bag

Aldo clutch bag image: shopping price £25


image of Aldo clutch bag for £25

It’s an Aldo clutch bag! Normally priced for £50 but bought it at half price( £25) on the seasonal sales today! This bag is totally classy, current and so convenient for a night out or even a more formal occasion so I’m really excited to start using it. It’s the perfect size and I can absolutely fit loads into it and still look good. So so happy it’s such good quality and I didn’t have to pay the higher price for it. Friends, why pay more when you can pay less?

Now to unleash the bargainer in you (I know you have it in you),  go out there and get yourself a deal then share with me and our valuable readers what you got. Remember we spending less but still staying current. May the force be with you.

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