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Otherwise also known as a free branding creator.  We found a winner folks! As promised, While still going about the process of creating this site, giving you a lot of valuable info on my experiences, I found a simple logo creator for your domains webpages. So the domain name already tells its story however we need to leave you with a long-lasting image of our brand, that is hard to forget so that you can remember that one image that shows you the way back to my house. I love visitors. But it’s a tough one because there’s so many other options out there. My thinking is if I can give you something to remember, then you will surely come back. Still a hard sell right? Well, at least I am not selling you anything. It’s still early days. There`s already a lot of people selling you stuff on the internet.  I don’t have a lot of visitors yet and haven’t been actively looking. Why?  visitors are important you say.  True, but look at my house.  Have you ever invited anyone to a place with no furniture , food etc? Who would want to come and hang out with me if they have no valuable info to gain? That’s only another tiny fraction of the problem.Our site  is still developing. I can`t accommodate everyone. Still have some bit of pride. As a matter of fact I have a lot of pride but it depends on what area of life. A clean good-looking image of my house address is one I would have a lot of pride in.  I might be thinking “cheap” but remember it entirely depends on the context.

Identifying areas of website improvementlogo

I am not yet satisfied with the design, space and front yard so I had to find some affordable design tools. I am glad to report , I found favor! Hard work of research has reaped the benefits. I was already prepared to invest some little bit of cash but I found an amazing semi free tool . I mean that’s what we all about here at cheap sense. Keep the costs as low as possible. Can we compete with Wal-Mart? Too soon! But with time and hard, We can be close!

This is probably the most crucial stage in designing our house. It can make or break us. We understand it’s importance.  Let’s cut to the chase. If you have been searching and looking everywhere for an affordable logo creator then you don’t need to look any further. Logotypemaker is your best bet. You can create a logo for your small business or even your domain name on social network sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. A decent free professional looking logo like the one you can see on this post and they also offer paid high quality premium logos? There is so many other customization options> print your logo on t-shirts or creating business cards and so on. Logotype maker changed the game for me.

For over a week I did a Google research for an affordable logo design tool but Somehow couldn’t find this baby. The reason being that it’s not ranked high on Google’s first page. My perseverance finally paid off . Yes, it’s not entirely free but for what you get, totally worth it! It’s very good for those just starting out and on a budget, you can always upgrade to premium services when you are ready to take your web development to the next level. You got to start from somewhere. What impressed me the most is that there isn’t a lot of bs ( excuse my language) with this platform like the kind you get with the top ranked sites on google’s first page. I immediately fell in love. This is the only site I have found that doesn’t trick people into believing they can test it out for free only to be asked to pay later after spending a lot of time on the web creating a logo. I give it 10/10. You should check it out!
Has any one of you guys came across any other ground breaking free/affordable logo tools online? feel free to share your thoughts , suggestions below.
Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of this service
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