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Folks it is apparent I am not a fictional writer so I won’t be coming up with some fantasy stories in my blog. I also won’t exaggerate facts and say I have always known how to acquire and spend money. No that’s not going to happen. Investing was never a strength of mine. As a matter of fact I am still learning that trait. You never stop learning in this beautiful planet of ours, that is if you are open to learning even from unexpected sources. I am always reminded of that Bible verse, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Admittedly, Its only been recent I started having my reservations about the Holy book, yup it was my 30th birthday. Strange isn’t it? Right when you hit that number s%*t hits the fan! But there’s some valuable lessons to be taken out of it. I mean I still believe in a higher power. They always say take the good and leave out the bad. I now live by that rule. It’s always best to concentrate on the positive than the negative in what you read and whatever situation you are in. The  biggest financial stumbling block I always had was spending. I never really believed in cheap spending

Investing is mentioned so many times in the Bible. Solomon, who is said to be the wisest and richest man to have ever lived in his time wrote about it on several occasions in Ecclesiastes. There’s an off the record belief that he was initially a gold miner who used “cheap” labor to obtain and sell the gold. Then there’s the parable of the talents recited by the man himself, Jesus. If you are not quite familiar with the story, you can quickly read about it here. Those are some of the few examples of investing “smart” in the bible. I don’t want to dwell too much on that subject because this is not meant to be a bible study.

So, as I have previously mentioned on my blog, this site is mostly inspired by my struggles and valuable lessons I have learnt along the way in the Internet business world. I am going to be very honest with you. Its not like I have had a lot of bad luck with money, quite the opposite. I made lots of it in my previous insurance brokerage role. But it never felt like something I was always destined to do. The problems I faced where all due to my own doing. No one to blame except me. In my very early 20s I wasn’t wearing anything less than a 100$. The expensive jewelry, sneakers, living in expensive apartments, the partying, you name it. I did it all. I really thought being expensive was some sort of validation in my standing in society. How daft I was. Lack of direction, planning and purpose. I wasted money and time. Being able to eventually accept my failings, taking responsibility and moving on was a victory on its own. It’s all you have to do friends. Maybe, just maybe it was all for a reason. I had to go through a process of understanding this “cheap” perception after I fell into financial distress from being a big spender. Was “buying cheap” really a bad thing like it has always been made out to be?

Now think about, If someone calls you cheap that means two things,  they are probably saying you don’t like to spend money or you showing a lack of honesty and moral principles. Very much dependent on situations and context. Suddenly you feel bad but let me be the first to say, you don’t have to be. There is a difference between being a generous giver, based on certain situations, to spending huge amounts of cash on stuff that don’t hold any resalable or personal value. Never wanting to be called cheap made me broke. I have learnt to embrace it, spending less while saving or investing what I am left with on other important things. We hear of big corporations outsourcing? Why is it that almost every product is being manufactured in China (which has ultimately led to its rise to being a major economical power) instead of locally? WAGES. They are the biggest day to day cost to an organization so reducing them to as little as possible for those big corps makes sense or does it really?  Forget morals, it’s called Cost control. “Cheap” is nowhere to be found in that sentence . It is partly what you have to be to accumulate wealth. Again, the balancing factor coming into effect.

Virtual property is the new emerging industry and cheap sense is set to dabble into trends so as to help it’s subscribers make good buying and or investing choices. Investing what ever little you have in something of value is better in the long run than wasting money on booze, fancy clothes and cars. Our next big mission is all about obtaining the hidden secrets which are always in plain sight and share with our valuable readers. I have always had this urge to help someone but had to first understand how to balance the act, that staying in your lane at some point in life is not a bad thing either. It’s very much comparable to driving in a busy highway, you have to know when the time is right to change lanes. A truly balancing act of ambition and reality. CheapSense will change lives, I know it. It will grow bigger, ruffle a few feathers along the way, but ultimately the purpose is to serve, make sure you are not left behind.



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About Lifanati

My name is Lifa Nati the founder and Editor-in-Chief of CheapSense.com. A website founded on the concept of buying well researched domains for a low price then selling for a profit, pretty much like real estate trading. I also review web products, subscription services and focus on price vs value. I am a former analyst with TD auto insurance division and complex property claims with the Co-operators insurance in BC, Canada. I am now a domain investor and part time consultant for an independent risk management adjusting firm. I have got to this stage of my life after going through a financial breakdown, losing my job and persistent bad spending habits. I went through a complete transformation after discovering the business of buying domains for a low price then selling for a profit. This led to the birth of the cheapsense website. I dive into saving tips and domain investing guides. Will be implementing free software for our users to take advantage of. They say things happen for a reason, my "why" is to serve.