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Monetizing Domains


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Earlier in this blog I spoke about Domain parking which research shows is still a popular way of monetizing domains amongst some investors, especially those who own premium names. Examples being,,> etc. You will notice these names are specific to a particular subject (keyword). The names were registered a long time ago and some redirect to well established web sites for  the sole purpose of driving type-in traffic i.e. people who type the name as it is, directly on the URL bar. It turns out parking is not so great if you are only starting out (newbie), still learning, coming in with a low-budget, having initially invested in low/zero traffic domains that don’t have any meaning, no clicks, no return on investment. There is however some very well researched, creative, think outside the box type of investors who study trends and future technological advancements or products and invest in those names. If you park these, I discovered , it will take more time to generate any money, if ever. Remember, for you to make some money with parking, there has to be a consistent flow of traffic to your domain, hoping that a certain percentage of that traffic will go on to click on the ads (normally set according to your domain name) on the parking page. So what’s the other alternatives of monetizing domains?

Building niche websites.

Niche review websites are very popular in this space because you can set them up pretty quickly using different tools on the web. WordPress is the number one content management platform that helps you start building these sites for free but it might take you some time to learn the system and set up as many sites as you want. You will need more tools to save you time. Unfortunately there isn’t any free tool that I have found for this but I have found gems,  the pricing is generally fare based on the value you will be getting. We currently own about 200 domains, some redirect to this site and about 10 have niche websites set up. There is absolutely no way we were going to get this done in a short space of time without the amazing tools I will talk about in my next post about this subject. You will find my review of this tool here.

Affiliate marketing


monetizing domains


This is a deserving and fulfilling venture that will help you earn and monetize your website through commissions. Although the work involved is not necessarily excessive of an effort, there are still some necessary factors that will help you in ending up being more successful as an affiliate online marketer.

If you wish to get the most out of your affiliate marketing endeavor, you need to  pick your domain which is closely related to the type of niche that you will be working on. Bear in mind that in order to press through with your affiliate marketing success, you need to deal with a particular niche that will serve a particular business and target specific visitors. You can either run a blog site on your site or you can utilize a part of it to post short articles which will assist you to promote products. Your site will also work as the place where you can post ad banners that your visitors can click on.

Affiliate product.

Monetizing domains through affiliate marketing requires a product or a merchant that you will promote on your website. Signing up with affiliate networks is the best way for you to get to businesses that are really looking for affiliate marketers just like you. Make certain to pick a business whose services and products are straight associated with your specific niche website. Hence, if you are running a blog about real estate, your ad banners and text links need to drive your readers to check out a real estate agent’s site or listing and not to the website of a truck repair work service.
Under this classification, you also have to make sure that the item that you select is actually in need in the market and that they have an excellent record in their sales. There is no point in monetizing your website if the product that you are promoting is one that hasn’t obtained any rewarding sales. You can check out affiliate networks with sought-after items such as ClickBank which handles digital products or Amazon which has a big and varied network of companies.

Tracking stats.

Given that you will be making money through commissions that you have actually made by driving visitors and increasing the sales in a merchant’s site, you need to have a tracking system that will help you figure out where most of your sales came from. In addition, tracking your stats will likewise assist you in identifying the possible enhancements that you need to undertake in order to make your promotional strategies a lot more efficient.

Marketing plan

Before you can successfully market a site, you have to drive visitors to your website initially. I know you must be thinking, “damn monetizing domains is a whole lot of work” but you have to remember there are tools available. We will be reviewing all of them here. Your marketing plan must include the essential actions in gaining traffic to your website. With high traffic, you can likewise increase the prospective variety of customers who will click your affiliate links. There are several marketing strategies that you can incorporate such as SEO marketing, publishing on online forums, social media posts and a lot more. The primary goal at this point would be to entice individuals to visit your site. All at once, you have to provide compelling material on your site so your visitors will click the links of the products that you are promoting.
When you have all these essentials at hand, there’s nowhere else to go however up! These are some of the best ways to monetizing Domains. But keep in mind that entering affiliate programs and marketing indicates hard work, too. The competition is difficult and there’s always something new to find out. To be able to play at par with others, make sure you are constantly equipped with the updated tools and the apt methods of the day. Keep in mind, it’s everything about business so make sure you know yours extremely well!

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