How Important Are Domain Names?

The term domain might appear like a highfalutin term  just for computer wizards and for those who spend days and nights in their computers. The reality is that the term domain is a simple geek term referring to the address of a site also known as the website name.   What is the difference between a domain name and a website? It’s easy to think a website and a domain name are the same but while they are closely related they are two different things. You need a domain name ( Website name) to have a website. To make it simpler, domain names are […]

Why is China buying internet Domain names?

If you are one of the select few who are still fascinated with this domain industry you would have been wondering by now why China is buying internet domain names. Think about it, It’s a no brainer for a fast growing economy eager to take over the World. China has invested millions in domain names despite challenges. I was once told when wealthy people decide to invest in something, it’s usually something rare in nature. Something the general public typically knows little about. Part of that statement makes a lot of sense because diamonds are rare but their popularity somewhat debunks that […]

Domain Name Servers: How DNS works step by step

Domain Name Servers: The Fundamentals Technically, domain names aren’t needed to access a website. This is since with or without them, all websites can be accessed by their matching IP address. What is an IP address? It is a 32-bit mathematical identifier that suggests what maker a site is on. The only problem is that for a human these numbers, (which can be found in a series of 4 octets), can be incredibly tough to keep in mind. This is why domain names were created. With a domain name an individual can access a website through a word or expression, which provides […]

Expired Domains: Read this before registering one

Contents1 Expired Domains1.1 The Expired Domain Loophole1.2 Why Domain Names Expire1.2.1 How Do Domains Expire?1.2.2 How Long do you have to wait before registering an expired domain?1.2.3 How To Plug In Simple Business Models To Start Generating Immediate Profits From Expired Domain Profits. Expired Domains   Have you heard of this relatively unknown traffic tactic? Many niche marketing experts have been using it to create small and instant incomes every time they penetrate a new niche. Using this tactic, it takes just a few minutes to switch on instant targeted traffic to your site. The only cost is the $10 or so […]

How to Create Niche Websites the right way

The 5 best ways of Creating Specific niche Sites     Pleasing everybody with your site can be a hard job. Not to mention that you are going to have a great deal of competitors around you. Providing value to your website visitors however, has to be your number one focus. This is just one of the main reasons a lot of people are entering specific niche websites. These kinds of sites accommodate a specific group of customers with a common interest. Not only does this make marketing easier, it can likewise be very rewarding. If you are planning to generate income by doing […]

The best domain appraisal tool bar none

Domain Name Appraisal: What is it?   There is basically nothing out there in the real world that is equivalent. Everything has its own differences, therefore absolutely nothing is equivalent. This is also real with domain names. There’s been so many questions lately from people wondering how domain names are valued. Not all domains are developed equivalent as it is typically kept in mind. Among the main factors that show this fact about the domain names is the reality that some of the choices for words in the English language have actually currently been separated as domains. They are short, one word , […]

You won’t believe what Taylor Swift recently purchased online!

Taylor Swift: She never goes out of style     She is currently one of the most, if not the most popular and best-selling pop artists in recent times. Monthly searches for the name “Taylor Swift” are at an all time high of 16mill+ on Google alone. Add to that, there’s still more of her fans searching for  “Taylor Swift photos”, Taylor Swift fashion” ,  “Taylor Swift touring dates” and so on . So what does Taylor swift and domain names have in common? Well, She recently purchased somewhat two controversial extensions, and Source CNN). It would come as a strange purchase for some of her adoring fans […]

The 32 Year Old Domain Virgin!

A very successful entrepreneur recently gave me an article from Business 2.0 talking about Domaining. As many of you might already know, I invest in domain names and other things that give me passive income. When I wrapped my mind around the concept of domaining and domain monetization, I have to admit I got pretty excited. Playing around with words has always been a fascination of mine. Language evolves especially English. I think about how and why we name things on a daily basis. It always draws my mind to wild imaginations. What is domaining? I always thought domaining was simply speculating on domain names. I never […]

8 things a website newbie should know to save money.

  Contents1 Don’t subscribe to get rich quick schemes.2 Don’t pay for “How-to” information.2.1 Do get yourself a suitable domain host.2.2 Don’t buy links or email addresses.2.3 Do carry out search engine optimization. (SEO)2.4 Do get good article submission software.2.5 Get easy-to-use web design software. Don’t subscribe to get rich quick schemes. These are so tempting and because of the way our minds are conditioned, it’s pretty easy to fall for them. We all love success, especially when it comes quick. There are thousands of websites out there trying to get you to part with your money, and inferring that you will immediately […]