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Sam Ovens |

Sam Ovens

Congratulations for possible saving yourself loads of time and money by doing some research before jumping into any online investment commitments.

You are obviously here to find out if Sam Ovens and his 7 figure consulting business course is legit. But before we get into that

Ever heard of Tai Lopez?

If you are a budding entrepreneur and have gone as far as clicking on the subject in your facebook interests then he has definitely popped up in your newsfeed on sponsored posts.


So Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor, entrepreneur, author ( 67 Steps) and aspiring renaissance man.

A self-confessed college dropout who used to work at GE Capital. He was raised in a poor family. No father in his life. Had Zero advantages.  That’s all coming from his video posts and endorsed by some of his former classmates and business contacts.

Just like most entrepreneurs, he started from nothing. He has now leveraged the power of social media to become one of the most talked about online entrepreneurs.

Tai has been involved in the business of finance, founded controversial dating sites, done nightclub promotions and so many other online businesses. He is now clearly an internet entrepreneur who has mastered the art of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Let me get to that shortly.

My first encounter with Tai Lopez, like most people, was from a YouTube ad he was running some 2-3 years ago. It had a background of a Lamborghini and some book shelves in a garage and since  I was one of those guys chasing shiny objects, I fell for it.

The psychology of people’s cognitive biases. He definitely plays on these – welcome to the world of marketing and advertising!

Have you ever met people who claim not to be a certain way but they are exactly that? Cognitive biases can be broken down into decisions and judgments people make. This article best describes this psychological phenomenon.

I have to thank Tai Lopez for making me discover these psychological behaviors just by reading some books online.

So I got into his email list and it has been nothing short of a revelation Tai Lopez hangs around with a lot of good looking women so it’s clear to see who his target audience is. He also promotes A LOT of people and their products, also known as affiliate marketing. One of his business partners is the subject headline, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from New Zealand named Sam Ovens.  He is now apparently running a  7 figure consulting business.

Tai is also promoting another product called OMG machines which I would cover later on in this blog. He makes a certain commission out of all these promotions(that is if he is not a part owner). It’s all a network if you haven’t noticed already.

So Why the focus on this man when this is a Sam Ovens review?

They are all connected. You will see how when you read further.

See, I kinda have a love and hate relationship with Tai Lopez. I marveled at how he hit every single one of the cognitive biases listed in the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Check it out when you get a chance.

I have been observing and researching about him a lot so I could at some point write the most honest review here.

He gives so much advice that you will probably find helpful and knows how to flatter his audience but it’s also meant to manipulate, hypnotize and keep the audience in his corner.

That has ultimately led to the rise of a more cult-like following for him. It’s very prevalent in American society.

I was raised by a single mother who taught me that the devil is a deceiver and when I come across those kinds of tactics, I cringe.

What most of these followers don’t realize is that he’s a serial digital marketer who uses unapologetic marketing schemes, pushing boundaries to their utmost limits.

Internet business is very much a capitalist industry. Anything goes.

At the end of the day, you will have to make money from someone. How you do it is entirely up to you.

Tai Lopez is an internet marketer. He promotes and sells his own consulting program. Interestingly enough he is promoting another consulting program from Sam Ovens. Are they different? Probably not. No one really knows and the webinars don’t give away too much.

Which brings us to the actual subject matter

Who is Sam Ovens?

Fortunately, there is a lot of info about this young man who is now apparently making millions online.

Some of his copywriting on the  7 figure consulting course webinar is confusing or a lot of BS, if I am sticking to the promise of my headline.

“Sam Ovens started completely broke working out of his parent’s garage in New Zealand and in four short years built a wildly profitable consulting business, moved to Manhattan and made over $10 million dollars.” And so the story goes.

So at 21 he quit his corporate job (2012) and moved into his parents home to start his business. The first year leading up to 2013 he lost everything, got into a ton of debt and had two failed companies to his name. It was a very testing and depressing stage of his life. This is all taken from his LinkedIn profile


What Sam doesn’t quite explain very well is SnapInspect, a business he founded in 2011. That was founded before he quit his corporate job ( Whatever that was). See his other Linkedin Screenshot

The biggest takeaway for me is when he uses the “ASK” method to create a product and solve a problem but the rest of it does not make much sense. Is he saying SnapInspect and Ovens international were both founded in 2011? And what happened to that 2012 period which was a nightmare?

SnapInspect was a real estate app for inspecting property. It was later sold for an undisclosed fee. He has had 3 other failed unspecified businesses.

Sam Ovens has been covered by, Huffington post which so happens to be on a guest blogging article of a friend he knows. Clearly, you need friends online.

What does Sam Ovens teach in his webinar?

I have sat in his Webinar several times for an observation. Keep in mind, I’ve sat in many Webinars like this and what you learn after a while is the process that some of these get rich quick marketers follow. It’s all you really learn.

  1. Location/ background: Sam Ovens spends about 4-5 minutes in his intro video inviting you to join his webinar.  I couldn’t help but notice he’s in what looks like an expensive high-rise office building. He goes on to reveal it’s somewhere in Manhattan where he now lives.  You will spend a couple of minutes marveling at the beauty of this office. He’s already won you over on perception i.e if he’s in such a nice looking expensive office then he knows what he’s talking about which gets you to listen to whatever he has to say. It’s another marketing tactic. Whether it’s wrong or right, you will have to make that call.

  2. The intro video works it’s magic and you will join the webinar. You can’t wait to get the golden nuggets on how you can start your own consulting business. Sam spends the first 30-40 minutes of the Webinar telling you how he started from humble beginnings,  the struggle he has gone through and that he now makes 7 figures a month from the comforts of his office.

  3. The next 15 minutes he spends telling you what he is going to cover in the webinar. By this time you have already invested so much time listening so you decide instead of leaving, it’s better to stay around to see if there’s more helpful information.

  4. The next 20 minutes he touches on a few marketing tactics that you probably heard of before, presents a lot of testimonials from what looks like happy clients who have used the system. He throws in bits and pieces of information but it’s so vague that it leaves you craving more. It’s like a movie teaser. So naturally, if the teaser looks so good then you want to pay and watch the full version, right? Boom!

  5. What follows is how you can watch it. The sales pitch that is. See, he doesn’t tell you the price right off the bat because it will scare you away so he would rather tell you what you are going to get if you purchase this course that can take you to the promised land. He shows you what the retail value is for each module presented but assures you that you won’t be paying anywhere near that. You also get so many bonuses to entice 

  6. Then comes the closer. “The course is available only today for $1997 and only available to 300 people” or something like that. 300 is always the magic number, think of “300” the movie or the story of Gideon’s 300 Chosen Men in the Bible. Trust me, they won’t turn down more people who want to purchase. It’s a marketing stunt meant to create urgency. I don’t like it, clearly.



I am sorry to say but Sam Ovens might just be another 20-something internet marketing “guru” who purchased a consulting course from probably Tai Lopez. How to be a 20-something consultant making 7 figures a year sounds just about right.

He is now selling or “paying” it forward to you. It’s that simple. SnapInspect was probably a failed business and if he really made a successful exit with it, he’s investing those funds in building this new consulting business course.

I conclude he’s taken what he has learned, got it repackaged with some improvisations, made some friends in the right places and is now selling it to you.

What is on the course that Sam Ovens is selling?

In all honesty, I don’t know what is on his course but I am going to give you a very good idea, concept or a model of what it might be.

A)   Be good at one thing that people are already paying for (or know someone good and partner, you win deals, they fulfill)

B)   Get in the business owner’s face somehow (cold call, cold email, direct mail, paid ads, webinar, borrowed list, your own list, attraction marketing, earned traffic (SEO), visit trade shows – conferences – meetups, demonstrate expertise – speaking events, etc )

C)   Give value upfront (be good at something, demonstrate that you are good, free report, white paper, value video, free, test etc)

D)   Make an offer (strategy session, consult, whatever you call it) try to close as early as possible. Have a conversation.

E)   Follow up relentlessly until they buy or die.

F)   Close them.

G)  Get paid.

I)    Do the work or outsource ( Tai teaches it a lot) especially when it comes to things you have no clue about like instantly ranking companies on the first page of Google( Almost an impossible task unless if you run a Private blog network aka  PBN – another complex controversial process that might get you into trouble with Google search engines)

J)  Try to build a referral strategy( REVIEWS) to drastically cut the cost of winning a new client. Nothing like a happy guy proselytizing on your behalf.

K)  Repeat

One thing to note is the difference in pricing. Tai Lopez is selling his consulting course for about $997 and goes on to tell you why it’s a no-brainer.

Some of his reasoning will make a lot of sense. You pay more for college on courses that you might eventually not even use in your lifetime. He also reminds you of the money you spend buying fast food, alcohol and all these other things that would end up killing you. True but that doesn’t mean your money has to be wasted on his course that you might not even need.

These consulting programs might be legit but the marketing tactics leave a lot to be desired whereas Sam Ovens, charging around $1997 for his material is a bit much. Probably really meant for those who feel like the more expensive an item is the more value it has.

I can’t really tell you their reasoning but here is what I can tell you, there’s far much cheaper courses of building a business that will leave you with a lot of value.

What is the best way of starting an online business?

First off you need a website, there are no two ways about it. You need to start building a website right now however it will have to be based on the kind of niche ( Service or product) that you choose to venture in. This can be a tough process. Even building a website is not easy for a lot of people. It wasn’t for me. You need to know your strengths.

The #1 Recommended Program 

The only program or course that has given people like me a head start (and I know it will also give you the same) is from Wealthy Affiliate.  As a product reviewer, I haven’t found any better alternatives. There’s a pool of niches that you can dive into and start building a website as you learn.

The best part is you can join for free. I kid you not. It’s an internet marketing college. I have also thought of it as a facebook for business.  Instead of wasting a lot of valuable time on the social network site watching useless videos and other people’s lives you can better your life with some free learning modules of building your own empire.

Anyone who knows me would tell you I am a big fan of communities and Wealthy Affiliate is exactly that. It’s a big community of people who are willing to help each other succeed in this cold world of internet businesses where everyone tries to get you to sign up for their course.

I pretty much learned how to build a website following instructions through Wealthy affiliate for free. If you need more help then you can pay for their first-month premium membership of $19 then it goes up to $49/month that is if you need it. It gives you more access to the more than qualified mentors and coaching.

When I started I already knew a lot about domain names and hosting but I didn’t know how to build a website, optimize it, also known as search engine optimization ( SEO) building links, keyword research, using social media as advertising platforms etc.

I could have outsourced and hired a developer to do it for me but I wanted to learn so I reluctantly paid for a months membership.

It was the best decision I ever made. I learned a lot and so can you.

I am promoting it  because I believe if you have read this far, you are seriously looking for a more honest way of making money online

(Disclosure: I make a small percentage commission if you go ahead and purchase membership)

This has to be the year you invest your time in something that will eventually give you the freedom you have been seeking.


Sign up for a free membership account at Wealthy Affiliate Right —-> HERE


As always this is an open discussion post which means I accept other people’s opinions and comments, please keep it civil and respectful.

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