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As you might have already noticed, I am still testing the sumome marketing tools on this website. The design and templates on this service are second to none. That is my honest opinion. As of yesterday morning I received an email from Noah/ his marketing team announcing the purchase of the domain name for $1,5mill.  That’s a stunning purchase for a single domain name but it’s nothing new. See other 7 figure domain sales here front page

My verdict: Good Job Noah!

I always felt sumome didn’t sound right. Still short and easy to remember but is so much better. I am pretty sure part of the reason of this purchase is Noah protecting his brand.  SumoMe is now said to be an 8 figure per month business which clearly shows growth. This name is going to stand the test of time and any other name with sumo in it will have to bow down to the brand leader Outstanding purchase.

Noah explains the process he went through purchasing this name and why he was wrong about the importance of a good brand name on this link

The change in Pricing

SumoMe has announced some big changes in pricing and exciting ones at that. Noah is so happy of his new baby that he’s giving away pro features for free. A/B testing? Free. Click triggers? Free. Instant landing page (2x your conversions)? Free. All  high-converting, pre-made templates? Free.

I am already a huge fan of this service. It’s user-friendly and the pricing now makes more sense than before.  If you are looking for some best marketing solutions out there then you are not too far off with Go check it out!

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