Domain Parking

The 32 Year Old Domain Virgin!

A very successful entrepreneur recently gave me an article from Business 2.0 talking about Domaining. As many of you might already know, I invest in domain names and other things that give me passive income. When I wrapped my mind around the concept of domaining and domain monetization, I have to admit I got pretty excited. Playing around with words has always been a fascination of mine. Language evolves especially English. I think about how and why we name things on a daily basis. It always draws my mind to wild imaginations. What is domaining? I always thought domaining was simply speculating on domain names. I never […]

Domain Parking| Does It Work?| My Tests And Results

Is Domain parking dead?     Earning money through Domain parking is one of those ideas that when you first hear about,you think;”That’s too good to be true! “.What is it? Let’s say you have a Domain name,but you don’t have the time,money,or the technical skill,to develop your own website.You “rent” it out to a company who provides the website, the hosting ,and the advertising.What do you get out of it?.You get a share of the ad revenue your domain(s) generates.It is the internet equivalent of a land lease where the property owner retains the title to the land but turns over […]