Why huge capital or spending doesn’t necessarily mean success.

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Now before you are quick to jump to some conclusions (I know what you might be thinking right now after reading the headline) let me make my arguments from personal observation & experience then you can convey your thoughts. Have you been watching the American primary elections lately? Do you know how much Jeb Bush had in Financial back up for his failed campaign? $130 Million.  That is a lot of money folks. You might argue and say he had so many other factors affecting his campaign for instance the Bush last name to begin with and then the Donald factor but those very specific set points,which were just some of his minor worries prove the headline to be true . We all have to master the art of knowing when to pick our battles which comes to my next point of timing. Timing comes in handily in every aspect of life. It is a crucial factor in finding love , getting married etc. Every successful entrepreneur would tell you timing was a big factor in their business gaining ground. You also have shoppers who prefer to make most of their shopping on Boxing Day, Black Friday or whenever the next big sale is. If you are patient enough and gather all the facts or the education you need , when the time is right, you will know it. I promise you.

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s renowned billionaires has spoken about his ultimate investing skills on several occasions.  Timing is the common denominator. He clearly understood being patient, the right time to invest and  when to cash in. 

Back to Jeb, I think if you are following the primary elections you would agree that he lacked charisma which his brother former Pres George W had in abundance. That was a major contribution to him getting panel bitten by Donald Trump in all fronts. I believe charm comes naturally and is hard to replicate. In my political generation, Bill Clinton has the charm , George W  has it and so does Barack Obama. So on a closer look, Jeb had his work cut out. No matter how much money he spent, this was going to be a very tough campaign for him. In the words of Trevor Noah, “Too Soon, Jeb”.

Timing factor

In conclusion, big funding gives you that leverage on your competition and the ease of mind but ultimately someone with determination and fight might come in with less and beat you with tactic, style, passion, charm and timing. I am a huge English premier league fan and what Leicester City is doing right now also proves that statement to be true. Some call it a fluke but the table don’t lie folks . I mean take a look at those figures and they lead the English Premier League by 7 points! Amazing.


I recently had friends who would spend over $700 on brand pants but I would go and buy myself classy nice clothes for way less than that at such trendy shops like H&M and Zara. Get to a social gathering and most people will be complementing my dress sense.  As a mater of fact, the creation of this website was an initial $50 Investment including the monthly hosting fees. Want to start your own, Sign up, get the best tips and deals here. That’s the whole concept of Cheap Sense.

Work smart friends.

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