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Virtual Reality:

Image of the Samsung virtual reality headset

The wait is almost over for those PlayStation Geeks! The leading Video game platform (again open to debate) is about to release it`s own upgrade version of those virtual reality headsets that everyone is talking about. The headsets are set to be released in October. There has always been an ongoing  debate in the gaming community of which video game platform kicks ass but from what I have seen, it all comes down to personal preference.  Marketing and advertising is always a big factor. I keep saying the popularity of these products is really based on perception. I have to admit though, playing Beyond: Two Souls on a friend`s PlayStation some 2 years ago, was one of the best, most cringe worthy experiences I have ever had in my life. Made me lean towards the PlayStation afterwards. It was possible a 4 hour engrossing psychological battle experience.

I was having a conversation with a domain  business acquaintance not so long ago about where we think this virtual reality trend is going with the exception of video games. We came up with all kinds of wild imaginations that might as well come true.  Imagine being in a long distance call with a friend or maybe a family member but experience it in their own backyard?  I suspect Google will be running an advanced Google earth software not too far from now. At some point travel junkies will be able to review those vacation spots as if they were right there in the Barcelo Maya resort ( I have been there 3 times). That would be pretty cool! How about watching that football game or whatever sport you into and feel like you were right there with the fans? Wild right? Based on the basic info we found on the web, this tech is just getting started. It`s got that buzz, very similar to the introduction of 3Dprinting. But both really yet to go mainstream.

Facebook has invested heavily on virtual reality. Go figure! Clearly they know something that we don`t. Of course they do! We are talking about a Billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg and his team of serial super geeks that want to buy up any upcoming groundbreaking technology. I am guessing they are planning to implement it on Facebook like the 360 video. There, that must be one of their more than reasonable excuses. I don`t want to get started about how Facebook has created a zombie like generation.  Virtual Reality will take it a step further. Now I am coming across as one of those pretentious old conservatives who can`t embrace the changing of times. Not to mention I like Facebook for it`s advertising platform. It goes without saying, every other leading big corp technology giant like Google, LG, Samsung etc have made huge investments in this field. Oh and talking about Samsung, theirs is the most affordable virtual reality headset that we could find in the market. It oozes quality.

We have seen so many different brands and designs out there. The competition is getting stiffer however in my opinion, the gaming industry leaders such as Sony and Microsoft still lead the way. They already have committed followers. It might take offering free headset test samples for the competition to win some of them over. Gaining ground on the establishment would require some new high end innovators. Being mentioned in the same sentence with those two giants would take some skill.  But China always finds a way. At cheap sense we will adopt that strategy. The focus is to  research low cost headsets that would still hold value, our bread and butter. We will let you in on headsets that we think you should try out. Check out this Samsung Virtual Reality headset review from a buyer who experienced it first hand:

“I love tech but I haven’t been overly excited over it of late. VR is one of those things that is hard to describe. No matter how many reviews of it I read, I just couldn’t grasp what the reviewers were trying to tell me. I fear I will be no better but I will give it a good shot for those on the fence about it.

I Pre-ordered mine for Best Buy. I use it with my International, unlocked, Galaxy Note 5, 64GB model. I mention this because after I ordered I saw the phone would require a carrier update, since my phone is carrier free, I wasn’t sure if this would be a problem. Its not. My Note 5 detected the Gear VR and installed the needed software. Set up was easy and painless. Some of the things I’ve done with it.

I took a trip through our solar system in an experience called Titans of Space. It made it feel like you were in a little ship, flying up to each planet and some of their moons. The information panel or hud, gives information on each(Planet,Moons, Stars), then sped you through space to the next planet. I’d look up and see space and stars, turn around in my real sit to see part of my virtual chair, look down I could see the controls, and out the windows more space and whatever planet I was near. I am a sucker for space and this just blew my mind. After the tour of our sun, it started showing other suns in scale so that you could see how much larger it was over our sun. I saw a blue sun in the Orion system, another red sun that was so large, if dropped where our sun is, it would reach close to Saturn. And of course the demo in this part of the tour was to give you a sense of scale. I was completely immersed and it made me see just how much potential this tech has. Something like this for learning and retention beats a text book and teacher lectures any day.”

And what is a review without pros and cons.

Pro’s: Lots of content both free and paid. Inexpensive to get into if you have the right phone. Fully Immersive and entertaining. Its Mobile

Con’s: Low Res. Sometimes I can see a screen door effect.

Worth 99 bucks? I cannot stress enough it is worth every penny. Its been a long time since anything fully blew me away. If your on the fence about the more expensive VR that’s coming, this is a good way to try it before going all in.

SO tell me What is your favorite best priced virtual headset and what are it’s best features.


Disclosure: I might include affiliate links on some of my posts but ultimately what I decide to feature is tried, tested and true with a best value price guarantee.

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