The Laptop lifestyle: is wealthy affiliate just another scam?

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What is Wealthy Affiliate and is it a scam?

You have obviously clicked on this because you are one of those who wants to know more about wealthy affiliate before you commit yourself to another internet business training course. I have personally put this on a test and have so much to share.

I will try as much as I can to give you a brief run down that will leave you with some understanding of this course.
It might also be that the dream of this laptop lifestyle has proven to be just that, a dream. But rest assured it really isn’t.

 Wealthy Affiliate homepage
Wealthy Affiliate: Founded in 2005
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: Free for basic membership; Premium membership: $19 for the first month $49 afterwards ( I will explain what you are paying for later on in this post)

This might be a description of you:

Spent way too much time on the internet reading about entrepreneurship and can’t figure out where to start.
You are still looking for that one magic formula.

You feel so much time has been wasted building other people’s empires when you could have been building yours
You have read through so many websites and still can’t get that sense of trust because let’s face it, some of them don’t tell you what you want to hear.
However, there still seems to be so much to learn and now you are suffering from that “terrible” condition that we call information overload.

The websites that have been saying what you want to hear have left a red balance in your bank account by selling you dreams that never came true. Instant cash in your pockets within a few days or weeks is a promise they couldn’t keep. They presented what looked like some legit testimonials and used that “get rich quick” scheme to woo you in and now all savings are gone, you can barely trust anyone. Well let me tell you this

You are not alone if that makes you feel any better. There are so many other victims.

I am one of them but have finally recovered from it all. Now it’s time for you to make some real changes with some bit of my help. A renewal of mind. Forget instant riches and be prepared for some step by step rehabilitation. You learn and do it as you go.

That is the opportunity Wealthy Affiliate offers you.

So are they a legitimate company? The short answer is Yes

But it will take commitment and patience. There are so many modules to go through. It’s basically like a college but you acting like an apprentice who is building their own business at the same time.

I have tried that quick money and failed. Unless if you have a virtual machine that can build a website within minutes or write enough content of value ( Say about 25 articles), fool Google algorithms to rank you on page one within minutes ( not a good idea) and start selling to people who you think are interested in your products, it never really works.
The real process of ranking a website on the first page online( Google, yahoo, bing)  should take between 3-6 months depending on how much time and effort you put into building your business.
You have to master the perfect search engine optimization ( SEO) tactics. Targeting the right audience is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. That audience is called a niche market and you can get to it through the use of keywords.

I like how Kyle Co-founder of wealthy affiliate describes it, “People work for years earning an hourly wage, maybe 40 -60 hrs a week for 52 weeks then get a raise  which is not much.” They are completely fine with it. He is right.

My raise was about 25c every 6 months at Cooperators. That was 50c a year, $2.50 in 5 years. I was just living in the comforts of a guaranteed salary which wasn’t cutting it but when it comes to an online business, there’s suddenly a change in mentality and expectations. There’s a tendency to expect things much quicker. I had that mindset.

But since when was Rome built in a day?

Wealthy Affiliate is going to be your go to learning pod that is if you are prepared to change your mindset, and the best part is you are building a business as you learn. It’s called sowing a seed and will see it grow to some tremendous proportions with time. I sense that you have done a lot of information research.  Maybe you one of those who has lost so much money that you are about to throw in the towel. I know there’s too many scammers on the net. You have probably told yourself after this, you DONE and going back to your 9-5.

Maybe this technical side of things is not for you. You are not prepared to take action today and start building a website that will show up in the search engines. (It’s basically the foundation of any online business) It is like building your own house, decorate it with some good stuff and invite people to visit. For your visitors to access all those good things in your house you will need a host. The host stores your property (files) safely on their servers where they can be accessible from around the world and so on. It’s a process.

I want to make this as simple as possible for you today before you even decide to join wealthy affiliate. I want to help get you out of that procrastination mode that you are probably stuck in. You don’t need to pay anything, just keep on reading.

Take a look at these niche markets.
• Domains, 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, numbers, keywords
• Climate Change, Environmentally friendly products
• Cooking Supplies, tips, recipes
• Insurance, home, rental, personal, injury
• Nutrition, Diet
• Health, men’s, women’s, baby, kids
• Old people’s home
• Back pain, Shoulder pain
• Fishing, supplies
• Mental Health
• Birth Control
• Dog Training
• Parenting
• Baby Strollers
• Dog Food – Organic
• Snoring – How to avoid it
• Stimulants – Sex, exercise etc
• Sleep Disorders
• Hair supplies
• Welding Supplies
• Cat supplies
• E-Cigarette
• Real Estate
• Marijuana
• Engineers
• Cats
• Pit Bulls
• Pugs
• Dachshunds
• Retrievers
• Nurses
• Teachers
• Mechanics
• Firefighters
• Police
• Veterans
• Grandma
• Wedding
• Politics
• Yoga mats
• Fitness
• Golf
• Bikers
• Guns Rights
• Music: Tutorials> teaching guitar, keyboards, drums etc, Recommendations
• Sports, football, tennis  and so much more

Which one of those is your specialty? What are you really comfortable or good at teaching?

Imagine you know something about personal injuries at work because you have experienced it before. You have gone through the insurance claims and know the ins and out. The kind of paperwork needed and so forth. You can teach that online as soon as today. Create a YouTube channel then connect it to your website.

Forget about following your passions for a second because it probably won’t pay your bills in the long run and you might not be good enough. I wanted to be a singer but it didn’t work out and so I moved on. I chose domains and social media marketing. You want to provide as much value as possible on a subject that you are well versed in or have experienced if not then you will be stuck in research mode.

What does wealthy affiliate teach?

It’s a simple formula but a lot more information. Here’s a basic step by step guide to creating a wealthy affiliate laptop lifestyle
1) Pick a niche (interest) ——-> Do some Keyword Research ( use tools such as Jaaxy or Content Samurai)

      Keyword research is finding out what people are searching for online in your niche. You want to solve their problems
     I like Content Samurai because you can create a video for your content and marketing campaigns. It gives you options of domains      you can register from your “niche keyword” for free. These videos can be posted on YouTube. 
    Jaaxy is a product of Wealthy Affiliate. It does the same thing except that there’s no video. It’s a keyword research tool that gives         you 35 free query searches but you have to pay for the unlimited search results. (Un) fortunately, not everything is free, whichever       way you look at it.

2) Register a Domain name ——-> sign-up for an account at NameCheap or  Godaddy, pick a memorable short domain, make sure it’s        pronounceable and easy to  spell
     I explain on this website why this is such a crucial stage of your business if you want to stick around for a long time. LOCATION            LOCATION LOCATION

3) Choose Hosting ———-> Hostgator is my preferred choice and it’s more affordable however Bluehost is another great option, same      goes with Siteground

4) Build a website ( WordPress is your best-friend
    I now have an in-house niche website developer ( if you are interested, inquire within) otherwise, the process is simple but time consuming.

5) Create Content ( 15- 25 articles about your chosen niche)
    Optimize your content for Google rankings to get traffic, It’s called search engine optimization ( SEO). This is such a broad                     subject that includes post headlines, tags, backlinks etc and is better explained here.

6) Create a Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube page, Pinterest page, Tumblr page for more traffic sources 
     You will definitely need to spend advertising dollars to capture as many leads as possible from these platforms and there’s what           is called copywriting that is part of the whole process.  So what is Copywriting?  It is a creative process of writing engaging text          for the purposes of advertising or other forms of marketing. It is meant to increase brand awareness and encourages the reader to      take action such as liking your page or signing up for certain offers. Wealthy affiliate goes into detail on their premium                              membership.

Again, this can be rather too much work for someone who has another job but if you have some bit of money to invest, hire a website developer and a social media manager then concentrate on improving your product. Here at we now have a webmaster who monitor’s our social media pages and website performance on a daily basis. Talk of Website security, load time and uptime. We specifically handle social media management for small business to get them more customers on our various creative campaigns.

However, if you have about 3-4 hours a week,  wealthy affiliate holds you by the hand and teaches the process step by step again on their premium membership.

I hate using this comparison because it has been used so many times even by scam artists but it still holds true till this day. Most people would go to college today, pay thousands of dollars for a 3-4 year course then it turns out to be something they wanted to do in the first place. Think about it.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build what you love or better still something you can make a decent and honest consistent income from. Starter membership is absolutely free but on the road to success depending on how long you want the process to take, you will soon realize getting a professional coach is the best alternative. This option will cost you a monthly subscription of  $49.

This is for some more serious stuff like in-depth keyword research, walking you through WordPress website creation, content research and search engine optimization ( SEO) for your website to get ranked on the first page of Google in a short space of time.

I can tell you this is the only platform I have come across that has a dedicated community hell-bent on helping each other achieve the ultimate goal of a successful internet business.

If I was you, your research would end right here and you would onto Wealthy Affiliate platform to get started. Click HERE
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